The Professional Dialogue Forum makes progress with Challenge 4 through the Digital Skills Map

Author:   /  11 of May of 2022

In the 2020-2021 period, Challenge 4 of the Professional Dialogue Forum made progress with the launch of the COMPDIG-Health project, led by the ICT Social Health Foundation. It collaborated with the Directorate General of Health Professionals (Department of Health), the Healthcare Professional Management (CatSalut) and the Department of the Vice-Presidency and Digital Policies and Territory.

One of COMPDIG-Health’s first results is the digital skills map for health professionals in downloadable format. It is also available in interactive format through the following link.

This map sets out the skills required to manage digital health effectively, critically and responsibly. This is digital training that enables us to innovate in the field of healthcare by incorporating digital technologies in the research and creation processes for products and solutions.

The Digital Skills Map for Healthcare Professionals is structured in 4 skills areas and includes 10 skills. The specific indicators for each of the skills have been developed with the aim of setting out the aspects to be evaluated by item.

COMPDIG-Health aims to operationalise and implement the conclusions of Challenge 4. The project’s strategy is based on developing the map of advanced-level digital skills specific to health professionals. It is part of the ACTIC framework of reference for medium-level digital skills for citizens; and the digital skills framework for health professionals defined by Challenge 4. It has been jointly created with the project’s Expert Group and subsequently validated with the Challenge 4 members of the Professional Dialogue Forum.

  • One of COMPDIG-Health’s first results is the digital skills map for healthcare professionals in downloadable format