Socials Rights will allocate 1.2 million to the TIC Salut Social Foundation to advance the digital transformation process

The Government has approved authorizing Social Rights to make expenses charged to budgets for future financial years, for a total amount of 1,230,771 euros, to cover the expenses derived from the agreement entered into between the Department and the TIC Salut Social Foundation. The purpose of the agreement is to advance in the digital transformation process that the Department is running, to have better tools to serve the public and the social and health integration.

According to the agreement approved on 3 January, €530,637 will be allocated in 2024, €450,089 in 2025 and €225,045 in 2026, beyond the €25,000 in 2023 to develop technological projects as well as progress in the integration of the social information system and the systems of the health field.

On the one hand, the agreement signed between the department and the TIC Salut Social Foundation entrusts the latter with the technical control of the execution of technological projects subsidized by third parties with Next Generation funds from the Department of Social Rights. It is more than 80 projects that will contribute to building a true Catalan social services system involving all public and private actors. The monitoring must make it possible to avoid duplication and generate synergies and economies of scale between the different projects.

On the other hand, and together with the Department of Health, the agreement also sets the task to the foundation itself of the tasks derived from the interrelation and interoperability processes between the information systems of the Health and Social Rights departments necessary for the deployment of social and health integration. Among these measures, there is also the direction of the deployment of social intervention information systems that should allow the creation of a comprehensive work environment for basic social and health services throughout the territory, which will require support for local bodies and third sector entities.

[Press release published by the Department of Social Rights]

  • The collaboration agreement includes the control of projects that receive Next Generation Funds as well as advancing social and health integration.