How is it eHealth going to be 2022 onwards?

The X-eHealth project will organize the eHealth from September 2022 onwards event, on the 29th and 30th of November, via zoom.

This workshop will focus on the roadmap for new use cases and domains of the EEHRxF (European Electronic Health Record Exchange Format), as well as, the governance model for the structural management, maintenance and further development of the eHealth Digital Service Infrastructure, in line with the EEHRxF roadmap.

Regarding the EEHRxF roadmap, this workshop aims to gather and discuss insights on selection criteria and a process for identifying new use cases and domains. The workshop goal is to have a shortlist of new use cases and domains at the end of the x-eHealth project as well as a criteria set to select future use cases.

Regarding the governance model, this workshop aims to set the guiding principles for a sustainable governance model as well as to form the groundwork for creating a conceptual governance model for maintaining the EEHRxF after August 2022.

It will be a two-day interactive workshop with stakeholders and participating Member States (MS), in order to make sure that all perspectives are included.

For more information, please visit the eHealth from September 2022 onwards Agenda.

Register for the event through the following link: Form Registration.

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