Catalonia expands eHealth services within the European Union’s “My Health@EU” project

The European patient summary of affiliated citizens in Catalonia can now be viewed in other EU member states and vice versa

Catalonia has reached a new milestone within the framework of the Deployment of cross-border eHealth services in Spain project. The EU Patient Summary (EUPS) is already operational between some member states.

The EUPS is the document that summarises a person’s most important clinical information. It includes diagnoses, treatments, test results and allergies so that healthcare professionals from other EU countries can properly care for citizens when they seek unplanned medical assistance outside their country of origin.

In Catalonia, this document is created from the information in the Shared Clinical History of Catalonia (HC3). The EUPS is a summary, so it does not contain all of the information in the person’s Clinical History. The Patient Summary is also in the La Meva Salut health app, so affiliated citizens in Catalonia can access, review and download the EUPS if they have a digital certificate.

The countries that can access the EUPS for patients from Spain are Portugal, Croatia, France, Luxembourg and Malta. A total of 5 Spanish autonomous communities can use this cross-border service: in addition to Catalonia, these are Andalusia, Aragon, the Valencian Community and the Basque Country. It is expected that other regions and countries in Europe will gradually join these eHealth services to make the health services more widely available to all European citizens.

This is a further step that adds to and supplements the ability to dispense medication prescribed in Catalonia in other EU countries and vice versa.



  • In Catalonia, this document is created based on information from the Shared Clinical History of Catalonia (HC3).​