• Boosting the AI ecosystem in health by promoting research, development and innovation (R+D+I) and aiding knowledge transfer to the Catalan Health System.
  • Promoting enhanced efficiency of the Catalan Health System by developing AI solutions at a systemic level to improve people’s wellbeing.
  • Aiding the strategic alignment of all of the stakeholders involved in response to global health policies and priorities without prioritising the interests of third parties.
  • Encouraging the participation and involvement of the entire Catalan Health System to guarantee a substantial improvement in the quality of information and achievement of results with a greater impact on the entire system with dedicated resources.
  • Promoting equity, guaranteeing access to the solutions developed by the entire Catalan Health System, avoiding inequalities between centres and standardising the quality of care.
  • Acces the AI WEBSITE

What is it?

Artificial Intelligence is an advanced digital technology that allows machines to reproduce or surpass some of the skills that require intelligence when performed by humans.

Promoting this technology in the field of health is essential due to the broad repercussions it will have on citizens’ wellbeing, enabling evolution towards 4P medicine:



Research and development of AI tools for health has undergone great growth in recent times. These applications cover very diverse areas:

  • Support for decision-making by health professionals in relation to the treatment and prevention of diseases.
  • Achieving more accurate diagnoses.
  • Automated interpretation of image test results.
  • Monitoring of electronic health records.
  • Identification of drug interactions.
  • Promotion and prevention of collective health.
  • Epidemiological surveillance, among others.


The AI area of the TIC Salut Social Foundation seeks to create an enabling environment for the development and implementation of AI solutions to make the Catalan Health System as efficient as possible. Its central focus is improving the health of citizens, who are at the core of the system.