Cicle de reflexió “Big Data i Serveis Socials”

29 /Oct


  • Observatory
  • Social and healthcare integration
  • Palau Macaya
  • 29 October 2019 9:30h - 12:00h

The evolution of the structure of risks and social vulnerabilities of the territories, as a consequence of demographic changes, population aging, migratory flows or transformations in the labor and housing markets, generates frequent decompensations in the scope of Social Services intervention, and often people with social care needs are not identified as a population at risk or do not receive adequate social care due to reactive, unplanned and fragmented intervention.

Big Data technology today allows analyzing data from multiple sources with predictive models to look for patterns that are too complex to detect them manually, and identify current and future situations of social vulnerability with total reliability.

Exploring the possibilities offered by the Big Data is now unavoidable for the Social Services sector to have knowledge for planning and decision-making; to advance in efficiency and efficiency; develop more proactive and preventative strategies; And promote the personalization of services.