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Digital skills for healthcare professionals

  • Design the digital skills map for healthcare professionals.
  • Create the digital skills assessment and accreditation model for healthcare professionals.
  • Prepare the training content from the digital skills map.

01. ICT applications

The application of emerging ICTs has led to a genuine revolution that affects, directly or indirectly, society as a whole. These new tools have transformed the way we interact in society.

02. Social and health services

A new model of management and care. An empowered agent who is directly involved in the phases of the care process.

In the field of social and health services, this process of transformation is leading to the demand by citizens for a new model of management and care, which incorporates the use of technologies in the provision of services with the aim of promoting service efficiency, increasing quality in all processes and understanding the user as an empowered agent who is directly involved in the phases of the care process.

03. Better digitization

Faced with this scenario marked by the need for greater and better digitalization of processes and relationships and the emergence of new opportunities, healthcare professionals play an essential role in establishing new models of care for the population. Actions are needed in this regard, to endow health professionals with the digital skills necessary so they can adapt and improve their professional development in the current digital context and handle these new challenges.