The TIC Salut Social Foundation is a member and collaborator with the following international organizations in normalization and interoperability.

HL7 Spain

HL7 Spain is the official HL7 International entity that promotes the use of HL7 standards in Spain through the participation of events throughout the country, training courses or the publication of guides and manuals about the use of standards It is the only accredited organization in Spain that can certify in health professionals HL7.


Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) is a Standard Development Organization , founded in 1987, non-profit organization that operates internationally, and is currently one of the most important in computer messaging standards medical Its mission is to provide a comprehensive framework of standards related to the exchange, integration, and recovery of electronic health information that supports clinical practice and management.


Personal Connected Health Alliance (PCHAlliance) is a non-profit association formed by health and technology companies that work in collaboration to improve the quality of healthcare, establishing an ecosystem for interoperability for Personal Health Systems (such as PHR) that allow people and organizations to improve the management of health and well-being.


The European Connected Health Alliance (ECHAlliance) was founded to facilitate multi-sector connections, and to create and strengthen relationships committed to promoting sustainable change in the provision of health and social assistance.

SNOMED International

SNOMED International is an international non-profit organization that has the rights and the propriety of SNOMED CT, and that is responsable of maintain and distribute it.

Regenstrief Institute (LOINC)

Regesntrief Institute is a nonprofit medical research organization associated to the University of Indiana. This organization promotes the LOINC (Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes) international standard, which main use in the Catalan Health System is to represent laboratory tests.

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