Semantic interoperability

Ensures that any information which is exchanged does not lose its meaning and that the recipient can use it as if they had generated and recorded it themselves.

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Syntactic interoperabilty

The exchange of information to enable communication between systems using the standards that define the structure and format of the same.

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Accreditation provides an assurance of quality, since it guarantees that the various requirements of interoperability and performance standards are met, while also simplifing the justification of fulfilment of requirements in procurement and tendering processes involving centres belonging to the Catalan healthcare system.

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iSalut Clinical Dictionary

The iSalut Clinical Dictionary is a transversal project that aims to normalize the vocabulary used by SISCAT (the Integrated…

Intersocial Project

The Intersocial project is an initiative headed by the Office of Standards and Interoperability of the ICT Health…

iS3 Project

iS3 is the interoperability project to facilitate the integration between the different information systems of the helthcare and…

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mHealth / mSocial subset variables

The mHealth and mSocial subset variables pretend to answer the need of standardisation of the collected data information from…


As a result of the Respiratory Diseases Plan (PDMAR), a project was proposed to standardize spirometry reports. An…

HC3 Project

Digital Health Record  or Història clínica compartida, HC3


The image digitalisation of the diagnosis tests represents a big step forward to offer a better sanitary assistance….

WiFiS Standard

The objective of the project is to standardize and integrate the processes which take place between health institutions,…

ePSOS I and II

European project from CIP framework with a wide partner’s consortium. Project’s information Framework: CIP-ICT-PSP European Framework Funding: 38.008.793 €…


Transcontinental project performed for the Foundation and  countries of Latin America like Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Perú and…

Trillium Bridge II

Second part of the European Project Trillium-Bridge, Horizon 2020 Programme whose TIC Salut Social Foundation is a consortium…

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