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  • Desenvolupador: TLIGENT DIGITAL
  • Cost: Free, a professional version is also available
  • Versió revisada: WebApp
  • Data revisió: Fundació TIC Salut Social
  • Marc de referència: TIC Salut Social Foundation
  • Speciality: General health, Public health and prevention, General social welfare
  • Adreçat a: Citizenship and professionals

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Addressed to: Citizenship, Health professionals, Professionals de l’àmbit social

Citizenship and professionals

ViTAG is a Cloud tool with which you can tag, catalog and share videos from other platforms for professional and personal use, without having to store them on the new platform. Thus, it allows access to all the videos of interest from a single place.

ViTAG allows:

–   Mark moments: Identify the most important moments in your videos so you don’t have to watch them all or search back and forth. You will be able to directly access the moments with a single click.

–   Manage your videos: Register your videos and give them names that you can easily search for later. It doesn’t matter if you have them on your own computer or if they are on Youtube, Vimeo… They will all be at your fingertips.

–   Share your world: Whether you are a professional, hobbyist or student, you can share information with your friends, family or colleagues with total ease and control.

–   View 3D videos: If the video is recorded with a 3D camera, you can move the angle as convenient.

Therefore, ViTAG can be useful for many fields, including health and social. In the health field, medical and nursing staff may have exercise catalogs, reference practices, or review patient exercises, for example. The fact that the platform allows viewing 3D videos facilitates its use in surgical interventions, since it allows having a single camera.



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