Terapia para Parkinson



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  • Desenvolupador: Asociación Parkinson Madrid
  • Cost: The first session is free
  • Versió revisada: 2.06 (Android)
  • Data revisió: 10/03/2022 (Google Play)
  • Marc de referència: iSYS Foundation
  • Speciality: Neurology - Parkinson's disease
  • Adreçat a: Patients, Carers

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Addressed to: Patient, Caring staff

Patients, Carers

Personalized telerehabilitation with a Parkinson’s specialized therapist in psychology, physiotherapy, speech therapy, etc.

It is an individual live rehabilitation session tailored to each person. Once the therapy has been chosen, the user will be able to choose the date and time that best suits them to do it. Launch Offer: The first session of each therapy is FREE.

If you are affected by Parkinson’s, either recently diagnosed or in a more advanced phase, the telerehabilitation service is adapted to your needs. Also, if you are a carer or family member of a person affected by Parkinson’s, you will able to access therapies aimed at carers and family members of affected people.

Group rehabilitation: physiotherapy and speech therapy sessions established for one or two days a week in very small groups with homogeneous Parkinson’s disease. In each session, both the therapist and the assistants will see each other from the device with the aim of promoting the correct performance of the exercises.