Sendo – Diario para diabetes

Diabetes, Endocrinology


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Developer: Health Training Lab S.L.

Cost: Free

Revised version: 1.3.4  (Android), 1.2.6(iOS)

Revision date: 16/03/2023 (Google Play), 20/02/2023 (App Store)

Reference framework: iSYS Foundation

Specialty: Endocrinology, Diabetes

Addressed to: Patients

  • Desenvolupador: Health Training Lab S.L.
  • Cost: Free
  • Versió revisada: 1.3.4  (Android), 1.2.6(iOS)
  • Data revisió: 16/03/2023 (Google Play), 20/02/2023 (App Store)
  • Marc de referència: iSYS Foundation
  • Speciality: Endocrinology, Diabetes
  • Adreçat a: Patients

Descarrega l’App

Addressed to: Patient


SendoDiabetes is a diabetes coach with a powerful algorithm and Artificial Intelligence that programs personalized plans for the treatment of type 1 and 2 diabetes.

Based on your profile and self-assessments, the algorithm programs the personalized physical activity and diet for diabetes that best suits you.

You will have a team of expert advisors available at any time (as diabetic nutritionists) to help you in your diabetes management with the best diabetic tips.

With the Sendo diabetes app you will have:
– Self-assessments to provide personalized diabetes nutrition and diabetic exercise plans.
– Indicators of type 1 and 2 diabetes and general health.
– Personalized diabetes recipes endorsed by expert nutritionists for diabetics.
– Exercises to control diabetes (physical activity for diabetics) adapted to you and endorsed by specialists. The best exercise for diabetics.
– Statistics on your activity to monitor type 1 and 2 diabetes.
– Tips for diabetics.