Guia Epilepsia SEN



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  • Desenvolupador: Spanish Society of Neurology
  • Cost: Free
  • Versió revisada: 6 (Android), 3.0.0 (iOS)
  • Data revisió: 26/01/2023 (Google Play), 27/01/2023 (App Store)
  • Marc de referència: iSYS Foundation
  • Speciality: Rheumatology
  • Adreçat a: Health professionals

Descarrega l’App

Addressed to: Health professionals

Health professionals

The application has the following functionalities:
-Registry of each of the doctors who use the application.
– Information on each of the authors who have participated in the creation of the guide.
-Visualize the complete Guide divided by the different chapters that make it up.
-Glossary with all the abbreviations of antiepileptic drugs and common terms.
-Annex of the main antiepileptic drugs used in clinical practice.
-General information about the application together with the laboratories participating in the guide.
– Search for doctors and chapters.
-Download the complete guide in PDF format.