Diabetes, Endocrinology

TICSS Certified

Associated medical device

Medical device

Class IIa


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  • Desenvolupador: Medtronic
  • Cost: Free
  • Versió revisada: 1.3.1 (iOS), 1.3.1 (Android)
  • Data revisió: 12/15/2022
  • Marc de referència: TIC Salut Social Foundation
  • Speciality: Endocrinology, Diabetes
  • Adreçat a: Patient

Descarrega l’App

Addressed to: Patient, Caring staff, Health professionals


Guardian 4  uses a small sensor to measure sensor glucose levels every 5 minutes. Real-time readings are captured 24/7 and sent to a compatible mobile device via Bluetooth.

The Guardian mobile app is where you can view your sensor glucose, trends and log activities. The system also helps you know before you go high or low when predictive alerts are turned on. Choose when you want to be notified between 10-60 minutes in advance based on your preferred high and low range. You can select different options for alerts, such as maximizing the volume at night or muting all alerts when needed during the day.

When connected to Wi-Fi, the Guardian app can send your data to CareLink™ Personal diabetes management software, so you can see your personalized sensor glucose reports online and share them with select healthcare providers, family or friends. Those closest to you can even receive text messages whenever you go out of range.

To use the system, you need the Guardian 4 transmitter and sensor, as well as this app. The indicated age usage for the Guardian 4 system is ages 7+.