FreeStyle Libre 3

Diabetes, Endocrinology

TICSS Certified

Associated medical device

Medical device

Class IIb


More information

  • Desenvolupador: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.
  • Cost: Free
  • Versió revisada: v3.4.0
  • Data revisió: 06/03/2023
  • Marc de referència: TIC Salut Social Foundation
  • Speciality: Endocrinology, Diabetes
  • Adreçat a: Patient, Carer

Descarrega l’App

Addressed to: Patient, Caring staff

Patient, Carer

The FreeStyle Libre 3 app is for measuring glucose in people with diabetes when used with the FreeStyle Libre 3 sensor, the most advanced continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology designed to fit your life:

–     Glucose readings are automatically sent to your smartphone every minute.

–     The world’s smallest, thinnest and most discreet sensor.

–     The most accurate and reliable 14-day CGM.

–     Optional real-time glucose alarms alert you when your glucose is too high or too low.

–     Glucose readings update 5 times faster than other CGM devices.

–     Outperforms other CGM devices in connectivity.