DSM-5 Differential Diagnosis

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  • Data revisió: 12/05/2022 (Google Play), 12/05/2022 (App Store)
  • Marc de referència: iSYS Foundation / American Psychological Association (APA)
  • Speciality: Mental Health
  • Adreçat a: Health professionals

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Addressed to: Health professionals

Health professionals

All clinicians are trained to make accurate diagnoses. Beginning with the patient’s presenting symptoms, they ultimately narrow down multiple options to one condition. The DSM-5 Differential Diagnosis Handbook can play a critical role in this process by improving the diagnostic process of psychiatric conditions. Leveraging latest DSM-5 classifications from the American Psychiatric Association, users are able to use a trusted 6-step process when dealing with, sometimes unfamiliar, psych conditions.

Exclusive, integrated interactive decision trees provide a step-by-step process of asking yes or no questions to find a tentative diagnosis. When the initial diagnosis is reached, tables of differential diagnoses are presented to help confirm or present new options.


  • • Interactive decision trees for narrowing down psychiatric diagnoses
  • • Algorithms for enhanced assessment
  • • The latest DSM-5 classifications and ICD-10 codes
  • • Helpful tables of differential diagnoses
  • • Detailed entries featuring definitions for each psychiatric condition
  • • Expansive guidance on all 6 steps of the differential diagnosis process
  • • Advanced Search to help find topics quickly
  • • “Favorites” for bookmarking important entries