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  • Desenvolupador: Axomove SAS
  • Cost: Free
  • Versió revisada: 2.1.0 (Android), 2.1.0 (iOS)
  • Data revisió: 03/07/2023 (Google Play), 03/07/2023 (App Store)
  • Marc de referència: European mHealth HUB
  • Speciality: Physiotherapy
  • Adreçat a: Patients and health professionals

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Addressed to: Patient, Health professionals

Patients and health professionals

Benefits for patients and health employees:

– Allows you to relieve most joint and muscle pain, healthily and durably.
– Better follow-up and support thanks to video teleconsultation and messaging
– Content available on the application is selected by health professionals
– Personalized physical exercise programs animated by an intelligent video coaching system
– Patient empowerment with exercises and therapeutic education content
– Video format and notifications better engage and motivate patients
– Chatbot recommending preventive exercises

Benefits for health professionals:

Liberal physiotherapist:
– Set up and prescribe video exercises
– Therapeutic education (quiz, 3D videos, articles, ETP content)
– Video teleconsultation
– Encrypted messaging

Rehabilitation centers:
– Reduction of hospital stays
– Adopt a more flexible work organization
– Patient empowerment
– Better follow-up of post-hospitalization patients (teleconsultation, messaging, measurement of pain levels, observance of exercises)
– Sharing therapeutic education content and personalized exercises
– Provision of a large catalog of therapeutic exercises

Preventative physiotherapist:
– Access to a tool for prescribing physical exercises for prevention and rehabilitation for employees and patients undergoing rehabilitation
– Access to missions in companies in your sector
– Allows a complementary activity and generate additional income