Digital solutions for Castilla La Mancha and Cataluña healthcare systems

Digital solutions for Castilla La Mancha and Cataluña healthcare systems

Towards an integration of non presential solutions of healthcare

On January Thursday 9th a project kick-off of took place gathering stakeholders from the Castilla La Mancha and Catalonia counties healthcare systems. The projecte funded by the EC’s Comisión European Structural Reform Support Programme [1] and coordinatedby the DG REFORM, provides specific and personalized support to the needs of public administrations.

The scope of the project is to improve the healthcare counties authorities to enable efficient guidelines to design and implement telemedicine solutions. To that purpose, during the following 16 motnhs a workplan has been defined focusing to:

  1. Understanding and reviewing the current ecosystem’s eHealth solutions.
  2. Developing a common framework to deploy non presential assistnce solutions.
  3. Providing a common solutions’ model enabling to analysis of the impact of these interventions.
  4. Providing recommendations to improve the design and deploy of eHealth solutions.


A remarkable consideration of this collaboration would be the experiences and vision’s exchange across the different stakeholders of the healthcare systems. Both in Castilla The Mancha and Catalonia. This collaboration will allow us to identify challenges and solutions thorough the territories that share similar needs such as territorial dispersion or the need of taking advantage of the available tools to give a better service at the population.

[1] SRS Progamme


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