Publication of a new version of the subset of comparable and unique HC3 tests

Publication of a new version of the subset of comparable and unique HC3 tests

The new Clinical dictionary for iSalut project has published a new list of comparable and unique tests, with the aim of being able to publish and consult them in the Shared Clinical History of Catalonia (HC3). The first list of 286 comparable laboratory tests, coded in LOINC and published in HC3, was worked on in 2014. In the new list, these comparable tests have been extended, and the unique tests (those which are performed only once in the lifetime of a patient) have been added.

In the Excel document which is distributed on the foundation’s website, the following fields can be found for each test under the Semantic Interoperability section:

  • LOINC Code: LOINC terminology code used to uniquely identify each test.
  • Description: A description of each test in Catalan.
  • Conventional units: Unified measurement units, in which the tests must be published in HC3.
  • Section code: An identifier of the specific section to which the test belongs (for example, a hemogram or general biochemistry).
  • Section description: A description of each section of the test in Catalan.

The subset of comparable and unique LOINC tests can be downloaded from the following section of the foundation’s website, in the Semantic Interoperability area: Available domains in the iSalut Clinical Dictionary> Laboratory [in Catalan]

The entire international version of LOINC can downloaded from the Regeinstrief Institute’s website, LOINC International > Downloads.

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