“We see the Report as a lever for change in terms of the visibility of CIO’s within organizations”.

“We see the Report as a lever for change in terms of the visibility of CIO’s within organizations”.

Anna Benavent, President of UNITSS

On the occasion of the meeting with the heads of IT systems of providers which are part of SISCAT, held on Tuesday, May 30th at the TecnoCampus in Mataró, we have chosen the words of Anna Benavent, the Director of Organization and IT systems at the Private Foundation Hospital Asylum of Granollers and President of UNITSS, the Catalan Association of Health IT Professionals.

How would you evaluate the meeting on the ICT Social Health Foundation’s Trends Report?

The Trends Report is an important tool for all CIOs (Chief Information Officers), since it shows the state of affairs of new technologies in the field of health.

As president of UNITSS I am very grateful to TIC Salut Social for allowing us to participate in its reformulation and in the subjects of interest that will be dealt with. We see the Report as a lever of change in the visibility of CIO’s within their organizations.

What role does UNITSS play in conducting the survey?

UNITSS wants to provide the survey with content that will allow us to add value to all the capabilities of the heads of IT Systems as part of the digital transformation of an organization.

Content related to…

Content in terms of governance and standards. In this case, we are interested in not only discovering the state of affairs with centres in Catalonia, but also in obtaining comparative data via literature and different experiences which exist in other territories.

Why is the qualitative aspect so important?

Thanks to a correct definition of standards, we can establish common points under which each centre can be compared individually and find out what aspects it needs to improve and in what areas it is above average. This will help us to determine whether to promote certain initiatives.

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