mConnecta news  

mConnecta news   

The future mHealth platform for prescribing technological solutions integrated into the healthcare process

On 2 July a meeting was held at the Ministry of Health to establish a working group with the aim of defining the principle framework for promoting the future mConnecta platform. The tool is intended to integrate technological solutions used in healthcare processes to improve the quality of the service, in order to empower the patient and put them at the centre of the care process.


During the inaugural meeting, the organizations involved in the project –the Ministry of Health, the Servei Català de la Salut, AQuAS, COMB, COIB, IAFICC, SCEPC, COPLEFC and CAMFIC– established the key factors through pilot studies applied to depression, CMA and major outpatient surgery. It also addressed the data storage and how it is accessed by both professionals and patients.


A second meeting will be held this September to begin to tackle the aforementioned tasks.

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