The 2018 Trends Survey has begun.

The 2018 Trends Survey has begun.

It is aimed at the heads of IT systems of Public Health System Providers within the Catalan Public Health System

Once again the Fundació TIC Salut Social has launched its Trends Survey, a study that aims to discover the level of deployment and use of ICT in the health and social care entities in Catalonia, in the form of an online survey.

Following the tendency of recent years, the study continues to expand and includes the viewpoint of the heads of IT systems, the heads of Patient Care and this year it also includes the head of Research and Innovation (Primary Care and Hospital Care).

The heads of IT systems have all received an email indicating the URL of the platform from where they will be able to access this year’s survey, which has already been completed by the Heads of Pateint Care and Research and Innovation.

The survey will remain open until October 30.

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