Jornada Salut 4.0 [Health Day 4.0]

Jornada Salut 4.0 [Health Day 4.0]

IoT technology as a facilitator of eHealth services

The Internet of Things (IoT) has mazing potential in the health field, where it is already being applied in numerous situations to improve the quality of care, improve patient access to services and reduce costs.

Technologies comprising what is known as eHealth are used in applications such as online health systems, which provide comprehensive care to people in remote locations, or monitoring systems, which provide a continuous flow of precise data which can be used to take better healthcare decisions. Portable devices, or wearables, used to monitor patients who are at risk, are already a common technology in the field of eHealth.

A health system based on the possibilities offered by IoT not only ensures the health service is more intelligent, it also ensures the decision-making process is more accurate and effective.

The IoT Catalan Alliance will explore the current use cases and the future possibilities of new technologies in the health sector during Salut 4.0: la tecnologia IoT com a facilitadora dels serveis d’eHealth [Health 4.0: IoT technology as a facilitator of eHealth services], which will take place during the next IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona. Experts working at the crossroads of the health sector with IoT technologies will discuss use cases, the challenges and the possibilities facing this emerging industry.

The IoT Catalan Alliance is a Catalan cluster promoted by the Generalitat de Catalunya which brings together the leading IoT companies in our territory. Its main goals are to encourage collaboration between companies, technology centres and other organisations, publicize the advantages and opportunities offered by these new technologies and facilitate their adoption, while keeping an eye on the technology to search out opportunities, participating in fairs to publicise the work of its members on an international scale and carry out activities which invigorate the sector in Catalonia.

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