The Interoperability and the Foundation

The Interoperability and the Foundation

2020 guidelines

The Interoperability area at the TIC Salut Social Foundation will continue working to guarantee the interoperability of the Catalan healthcare system during the 2020, promoting standards and defining useful documents. It will offer transversal support to projects from the Department de Salut [Catalan Healthcare Ministry] like HC3 or iS3.


In terms of WiFIS interoperability framework, iS3 has applied several updates and extensions to the ongoing WiFIS v2.0.2. These controlled vocabularies will define new forms for iS3, for instance the CMA (Primary Surgery), densitometries or fetal DNA analysis.


The functional solution of the Terminological Server will advance closely with the management of the catalogues, included in the terminological server, which are used by SISCAT assistance services. This Terminological Server, creates a reference document for the use of the latest versions and updated catalogues.


In order to guarantee the interoperability of the SISCAT’s systems and devices and promoting reference standards. The end of Intersocial II project is planned with the definitive listings of new issues, factors and observations codified in SNOMED CT.

As a 2020 novelty, a wiki on standards and interoperability will be released. Users will be able to read and check the released articles and contribute to the edition of the wiki.

Finally, the Interoperability area assumes the role of advisor in terms of Artificial Intelligence and BlockChain. During the 2019 created some synergies enabling the 2020 workflows  focused to implementing these tech solutions in healthcare.

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