TIC Social starts to conduct surveys throughout the sector

TIC Social starts to conduct surveys throughout the sector

The annual study to determine the needs of the social sector and the degree of digitization is already under way

IT is one of the General Directorate of Social Services’ main priorities, together with improving social intervention and putting the optimal tools within the reach of the professionals, together with making the whole process less bureaucratic and increasing knowledge in order to create the best policies and ensure social equity within the Catalan Social Services System.


To this end, in July, the Fundación TIC Salud Social started the data collection phase of its yearly survey into the uptake of ICT in the social sector. It involves a questionnaire designed to detect the needs, requirements and current status of IT throughout Catalonia.


The individuals charged with completing the questionnaire are all manner of professionals who work for the Basic Areas of Social Services -mangers, social workers and those responsible for IT-. The sample included in the survey, aside from heads of IT, is intended to obtain a broader perspective on the current situation in order to fulfil society’s needs in a more effective manner. The numerous variables investigated by the study are collected by means of some 40 questions and address issues such as the degree of digitalization, the relationship with the public and the degree of technological innovation found throughout the Catalan System of Social Services.


The survey is being conducted throughout July and August, allowing time for the results to be presented in a report during the last quarter of 2019.


The person responsible for conducting the study at the foundation is Lourdes Rodríguez. She can be contacted at the following address:

You can keep abreast of any updates via our usual channels of communication and by using the hashtag #mapaticss

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