Inforsalud 2020

Inforsalud 2020

Once again, Madrid receives the INFORSALUD 2020 – XXIII Congreso National of Informática of Salud 2020, organised by the Sociedad Española of Informática en Salud (SEIS), that took placeduring the 3rd, 4th and 5th of March in Madrid, at the the NHCollection Eurobuilding. This congress receives different reports, discussion tables and exposures of experiences at the technological and healthcare areas.
“We have a strategy to learn of the data?”
Some of the remarkable reports treated issues like data management. The governance and management models missing bases of normalisation and structuring to take advantage of the potential of it, guaranteeing always some minimum of security and privacy.“How we manage the systems of information and the data at health?”
It also took place an interesting debate on shadowed ICT, referring to all those information systems that arise as a response to the innovative healthcare assistance process. The complexity at the management of these systems, the integration, the data protection and the scalability. The challenge to facilitate the innovation through ICT is a reality and something that must be regulated concerning the use of data and platforms for the healthcare systems..“Which is the role of the patient at technological innovation?”
The role of the citizen in this new digital transformation paradigm is served. Although every time the innovation and the digital transformation considers the patient as a key point, still exists a big gap of the focus of transformation and dedication of efforts at innovation. The big part of the congressional contents was focused on the improvement enhanced by ICT. The ongoing paradigm of data based healthcare, and backed at the digital tools, requires aholistic aproach that considers the citizen. Not like a merely passive element that gets healthcareattention, but like a proactive actor, a generator of data and keen on his health(and the implications that has his quality of live). The combination of self management tools for the citizen, digital solutions facilitating the professional’s assistance task, and the definition of healthcare policies with the prevention and promotion of the healthcare as a basic pillars, can be useful to face the society’s ongoing challenges.

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