Guidelines for patients and healthcare users

Guidelines for patients and healthcare users

The Data Protection Spanish Agency [Agencia Española de Protección de Datoss -AEPD-]  has released a Guidelines for patients and healthcare users document in order to answer the most frequent questions and doubts from the population concerning the management of their personal data by healthcare centers and professionals or public administrations. The purpose is to let the citizens aknowledge their rights on data protection.

The guidelines firstly focuses on general questions of the European GDPR law. At this point, the document excels on forcing to inform readily the user, recognising the different issues that have to be facilitated in a concise form, transparent and easily understandable.

Secondly, the guidelines collects the AEPD’s FAQ’s. Particularly, everything related to the patient’s healthcare records: who can access to data and its purpose; how to demand a copy, rectification or suppression of content included in the records.

For more information check the following link with content in Spanish.

For other doubts you can contact to the Healthcare Data Protection Officer at or check our website.

Other contact from 9:00 to 14:00: 93 553 26 42

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