Basic Social Services (BSS) in the Barcelona province

Basic Social Services (BSS) in the Barcelona province

Situació actual i propostes de millora. Una Mirada des del Treball Social

New edition of the talks held at DIXIT Vic. Basic social services from the perspective of social workers.

The event was hosted by Mercè Ginesta, a social worker and member of TSCAT’s Social Services Commission, who presented her views on basic social services in the Barcelona province. The document produced by the organisation represents a diagnostic approach to the current state of the basic social services in the Barcelona province. The approach was arrived at by combining different methodologies of a qualitative nature, particularly based on the experiences of social workers.

The speaker took the opportunity to reflect on the explicit and implicit functions of the Basic Social Services (BSS), inequalities in provision across the territory, the public’s expectations from these services, the changes witnessed by professionals in this field over the years, changes in social interventions and areas in which the service is lacking.

In relation to the implementation of Information and Communication Technologies in the (BSS), Ginesta made special mention of the use of teleassistance services (art. 16 LSS). Teleassistance is seen as a guaranteed service in home care services as part of the Social Services Portfolio of Catalonia; It is a service that guarantees the security and provides peace of mind and support to the beneficiaries who need it due to factors such as age, fragility, loneliness and dependency, detecting emergency situations and providing an immediate response.

The team responsible for drafting the document: Mercè Ginesta (coordinator), Mercè Civit, Juanma Rivera and Arantza Rodríguez, of the Col·legi Oficial de Treball Social de Catalunya

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