DIACARE project moves forward

DIACARE project moves forward

Piloting: patient's recruitment

Diacare project -Pilot for the analysis of the usability of Diacare platform for people with Diabetes Mellitus type 2 (DM2) and their clinicians-  started the phase of pilotage during last January  by recruiting patients for that stage. The aim is to draft 35 patients from Bellvitge’s Primary Healthcare Center during the months of January and February. With a duration of 3 months, the pilot is foreseen to end during the month of May. Some of the basic requirements to take part are: not being under 18, have been diagnosed of DM2 according to clinical criteria and having a smartphone  and basic technological skills.

The users of the system will interact with the platform through a website –clinicians- and a mobile app –patients- connected with a Fitbit device during 3 months.
DIACARE looks to offer an personalized healtchare attention service according to patient’s specific needs. Each patient obtains an Integrated Attention Plan (IAP) determineing the type of follow-up by the professional. This plan can be modified through the web platform by the clinician in order to be automaticly updated on the patient’s app.

The project -led by Rosa Maria Flores Cebrià as a clinical researcher and the TIC Salut Social Foundation as coordinator organization- has the following purposes:  (A) To describe and ti identify the platform’s user profile; (B) to identify the technical weaknesses of the platform to increase the technological adherence in order to improve the self management of the illness; (C) to analyze the effectiveness of the platform.


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