From Horizon 2020 to Horizon Europe

From Horizon 2020 to Horizon Europe

Status update for the European Framework Programme H2020

This year it comes to an end the 8th European Framework Programme Horizon 2020. This program –started in the 2014- has the aim of funding projects supporting research applied and focusing to European citizens, promoting industrial leadership in Europa and at reinforcing the scientific excellence.

Participation highlights

A total amount of 709.170 proposals from 130 different countries have been submitted. But only the 11,9% won funding. A total estimation of 80 billions of euroshave been invested. The social challenge of healthcare appears on the fifth position of participation in this program.

The countries with most remarkable participation are United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain and France; they won a 52% of the total funds. Catalonia has submitted a total of 2.700 proposals with a 13% of succesful funding which means a total contribution of 9,1 billions of euros.

Lessons learnt

In comparison of the previous framework programme (7PM), the H2020 has shown to be more efficient regarding the administrative costs and more coherent regarding synergies generated.

The access to the results of the projects by the scientific community has improved considerably in comparison with the 7PM. Yet, one of the pending tasks for the next framework (Horizon Europe) is promoting a better impact from research and innovation focusing civilians. It is been also necessary to boost the inclusion ofcitizens during the co-design and co-creation projects’ processes that helps to give proper and reliable solutions to the challenges of the society.

It is necessary to remark that eventhough the increasing participation in the H2020 compared with the 7PM, the level of funding is not enough. A high level of competence and at the increase of the use of resources of the applicants must be checked.

Horizon Europe

The European Commission is working on the 9th Framework Programme focusing on research and developement called Horizon Europe. It will last from 2021 to 2027.

Horizon Europe, estimates 9.7 billions of euros, the greates funding programme ever. Focusing to improve the weak issues of his predecessor and looking to continue enhancing research and innovation development through cooperation across countries.

The new programme not only simplies the administrative procedures and formalities but also proposes a restructuration of the force points form the H2020:


  • Open Science: It will lean at the researchers through fellowships, exchanges and other projects led by scientists by means of the European Research Council and the so called Marie-Sklodowska-Curie Actions.


  • Global Challenges: It will support research related with social challenges defining ambitious ‘Missions’ like struggle against  cancer or working for plastic free oceans. It will give a special importance to the industrial leadership.


  • Open Innovation: It will reinforce Europe’s part as a global innovation leader through the European Council of Innovation and will foster the integration of companies, research centers through the European Institute of Technology (EIT).

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