Digital assets

  • Promoting the use of Digital Assets for the Citizenship within the Catalan Health System through the creation of a public Digital Assets Radar and a Methodological Guide of Best Practices for their development.
  • Enhancing the quality of health and wellness mobile applications through our own Certification Service and by collaborating in the European Label2Enable Project, which promotes the use of CEN ISO/TS 82304-2.
  • Providing a Directory of Health and Social Apps for citizens, patients, and professionals, encompassing relevant mobile applications in the Catalan region.

What is it?

The term Digital Assets for Citizenship refers to any digital solution that allows the practice of healthcare and social welfare activities centered on the individual, accessible via a website, a mobile application, and other user interfaces.

These elements can interact with other technologies such as patient monitoring sensors, virtual reality, or artificial intelligence, redefining professional-patient relationships in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

On the other hand, we want to highlight the terms mHealth and mSocial. mHealth includes mobile applications and devices, sensors for patient monitoring, and other digital assistants that enable person-centered healthcare and public health activities. mSocial comprises mobile applications, devices, and other digital assistants that facilitate person-centered social action and welfare activities.

Innovation in these sectors is crucial to promote digital transformation.


Mobile Applications Certification Service

The TIC Salut Social Foundation offers a certification service for health and wellness mobile applications to ensure their quality and reliability.

Certification categories

Do you want to certify the quality of your application? Take the Self-assessment test  to determine your application’s maturity level and find out if it’s ready to initiate the certification process. If it is, you can request certification for your app by contacting us via email at We will assist you in ensuring your app meets the essential quality and reliability requirements.

Refer to the Reference documents tab for all the necessary documents and information to successfully complete the certification process.

Experts Committee

Our Functional Experts Committee comprises members from Official Colleges –COMBCOPFLEFCCOIB– and Scientific Societies –SCEPCAiFICC and CAMFIC–. It includes healthcare and social welfare professionals from various fields.

The Committee collaborates in evaluating mobile applications that have applied for the Foundation’s Certification. They assess the quality of contents and usefulness of functionalities included.

Jaume Bataller

Primary care nurse, eHealth innovation and entrepreneurship specialist.

AIFiCC Vicepresident and member of several digital health taskforce groups.

Miguel Àngel Mayer

Doctor, specialist in family and community medicine, master’s degree in public health, doctor of biomedical informatics and member of the ICT Group at the CAMFiC. He is a senior biomedical scientist in the research programme on biomedical informatics at the IMIM and Pompeu Fabra University, where he is also an associate lecturer and teaching coordinator in biomedical informatics.

Marc Fortes

Nurse (UB), master’s degree in health education (UDL). He is currently the director of the virtual nursing project at the Official Association of Nurses of Barcelona and an associate lecturer at the University of Barcelona.

Encarnación Gomez Gamboa

Specialist in pediatric nursing, she has been working in this role at the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Barcelona since 1992.

She holds a master’s degree in administration and management in nursing care from Santa Madrona University College in Barcelona, a university master’s degree in nursing sciences from the UIC and a master’s degree in research and innovation in nursing care from the UAB. Encarnación has also been a member of the Governing Board of the Official Association of Nurses of Barcelona (COIB) since March 2020 and a trustee of the Galatea Foundation since March 2022.

She is part of the research team of the UB COIB Nursing Chair and she recently completed the doctoral programme at the University of Barcelona.

Daniel Lara

Degree in physical activity and sport sciences, specialist in health and physical exercise. PhD student at the University of Barcelona (UB-INEFC). Head of the Innovation and Technology Group and Health Committee at COPLEFC.

Mireia Sans

Degree in Medicine and Surgery from UB, specialised in family and community medicine and PhD cum laude. Care director at Comte Borrell Primary Care Centre, CAPSBE. President of the eSalut doctors section, COMB. UIC lecturer.

Maite Garolera

Specialist in clinical psychology and expert in neuropsychology. Master’s degree in eHealth: information technology and health management from La Salle-Ramon Llull University and master’s degree in management of health institutions from UAB. PhD in psychology cum laude from UB. Head of the Neuropsychology Unit and the Brain, Cognition and Behaviour Research Group at Terrassa Health Consortium (CST). President of the Catalan Society of Specialists in Clinical Psychology. Professor at EUIT and UOC.

Clara Salvadó

Degree in pharmacy (UB) and diploma in business sciences (UOC). Functional manager of the CatSalut Medicines Catalogue and collaborator on electronic prescription projects.

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