Our Team
Josuè Sallent

Josuè Sallent Director

Holds a PhD in Physics from the University of Barcelona. He has taught at the Pompeu Fabra University and participated in the development and implementation of 5G technology at the i2Cat Foundation. He was the head of innovation strategies at the Centre de Telecomunicacions i Tecnologies de la Informació (CTTI) and director general of the Information Society at the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Agathe León

Agathe León Director of Innovation

Holds a degree in Medicine from the University of Valencia. She is a specialist in internal medicine and obtained her MD from the University of Barcelona [UB]. Professor at the UB, an IDIBAPS accredited researcher, with more than 16 years’ experience at the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona. She is active in the development of ICT to improve people’s health and social welfare. Her objective is to make technology easy to use and more accessible, in order to improve people’s quality of life.

Sílvia Cufí

Sílvia Cufí Director of Corporate Development

Degree in Biology and a PhD in Biomedicine from the University of Girona. Passionate about sharing knowledge and applying it to management models, technology and solutions to achieve shared, sustainable and efficient outcomes. Collaborative and enthusiastic, she is working for a society based on the knowledge, talent and values of its people. Her family is very dear to her and she is always eager to take advantage of the opportunities life has to offer.

Alejandro Santos

Alejandro Santos Financial manager

Degree in Business Sciences from the University of Barcelona, an MA in Financial Auditing and a Higher Degree in Administration and Finance. He has worked in financial management, accounting, auditing and public procurement. Enthusiastic and keen to take part. Passionate about cooking, video games and opera.

Ester Moreno

Ester Moreno Human resources

Diploma in Tourism and training in marketing. She has extensive experience in organizing events, as an assistant director and in human resources. Ester brings her vision and experience to the Foundation’s Human Resources Department. She is open, optimistic and extrovert and is good at adapting to new surroundings. She is passionate about animals and travel.

Adrià Garcia Font

Adrià Garcia Font Director of communications

Degree in Journalism from Ramon Llull University with international experience in corporate communication and digital marketing. Interested in innovation in digital communication tools. Always on the lookout for a new challenge, he much prefers doing sports to watching them on TV.

Robert Rubió

Robert Rubió Director DPO office

Jurist, DPO and law professor. Legal expert in matters of public international law, data protection and ICT law, and legal adviser on DP for both companies and public administrations. He is an Associate Professor at the Department of International Public Law and International Relations at the University of Barcelona and a Postgraduate Professor of Data Protection at the Open University of Catalunya.

Ariadna Rius

Ariadna Rius Head of interoperability

Computer Engineer with knowledge in AI and skilled in interoperability. Is the manager of the Standards and Interoperability Office of the Foundation. Her professional career it is developed at the insurance sector, the online marketing, the healthcare and teaching. Web design and analyst and project manager. Some of her hobbies are reading and maritime sports

Carme Pratdepàdua

Carme Pratdepàdua Head of mHealth

Degree in Industrial Engineering and Secondary Education, Carme has been leading technology and mHealth projects for more than 10 years. She has experience teaching science and technology, in structures and industrial constructions and in the certification of quality processes, mobile apps and ICT tools. She is a health technologist.

Carla Álvarez

Carla Álvarez Head of public programs

Carla studied humanities, publishing, public programs and innovation. She is a committed humanist and an expert in sources of competitive financing. She has experience in the field of project management, the search for competitive financing and in designing strategies, which are all key to the Project Office’s work. Curious by nature, she loves art and literature.

Jesús Berdún

Jesús Berdún Project manager

A tireless seeker of knowledge and developments related to the digital transformation of the healthcare and social welfare sectors.
Background in telecommunication engineering and international cooperation and development.
Experience in European, national and international projects involving the use of ICT in the healthcare, social and educational fields.

Victor Barberà

Victor Barberà Communications technician

Víctor studied history and archaeology, cinema and corporate communications. He has a great deal of experience in research and teaching social sciences, heritage management and audio-visual production. He takes a keen interest in social and digital transformation. Above all else, he is a scuba diver, a humanist and a 21st century communicator.

Lourdes Rodríguez

Lourdes Rodríguez Project manager

Project manager of several applications, always focused on person-centered healthcare and social welfare. Lourdes studied geography, IT and territorial management. Extensive management experience with the Generalitat of Catalonia’s ministries of health, territory and sustainability. She has also taught social sciences. Passionate about the sea and traveling.

Núria Abdón

Núria Abdón Project manager

A humanist, passionate about literature and gastronomy. Interested in social and digital transformation. Educated in pedagogy and social education, she holds a post-graduate degree in training trainers. She has experience in the healthcare, education and social sectors.

David Rodríguez

David Rodríguez Interoperability technician

Technical engineer at management computing. He works on ICT focusing healthcare and specialised as interoperability technician. He has experience at the integration of systems and medical devices as well as at teaching computing and interoperability issues. He an experienced dancer, gamer and enjoys practising sport.

Marc de San Pedro

Marc de San Pedro Teaching and training

Degree in the Social Sciences with training in the information and knowledge society, ICT and health. Doctorate in Comprehensive care and Health Services. He has experience in teaching in the ICT and social health fields. Marc is keen on seeing the individual at the centre of healthcare, in order to empower them to exercise their rights.

Carlos Gallego

Carlos Gallego Head of SIMDCAT

Head of the Digital Medical Image System of Catalonia with over 20 years’ experience in the development of ICT solutions in the field of healthcare and in project management. He also has experience in developing and defining standardization and interoperability terminology. Carlos also works as a teacher and works closely with scientific organizations and professional associations.

Elisenda Reixach

Elisenda Reixach Project manager

Elisenda holds a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Cardiff, UK. Has a background in organometallic synthesis, homogeneous catalysis and research project management.
Experience in research and in teaching chemistry, with an interest in technological development as a means to improve people’s quality of life. In her free time she enjoys nature and camping.

Susanna Aussó

Susanna Aussó Project director

An engineer specializing in biomedical research. Background in telecommunications engineering, electronic engineering, bioinformatics and biostatistics. Interested in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Experience in omic data integration (genomics, epigenomics and proteomics), data mining, epidemiology and the digital transformation of public health.

Eva Miralles

Eva Miralles Administrator

Administration and accounting with extensive training in administration in the private sector, the management of SMEs and customer care. Optimistic and extrovert, she is passionate about travel and spending time with her family and friends.

Marc Fortes

Marc Fortes Health consultant

A nurse, with a background in health education.
Experience in first aid and hospital care, project management in the ICT and healthcare fields, and teaching in the field of public health. Marc is passionate about healthcare and a technology enthusiast.

Juan Antonio De los Cobos

Juan Antonio De los Cobos Interoperability technician

He is computing engineer with experience at the design and the implentation of technological solutions at the healthcare sector, as well as of business processes (BPM) mainly focused on health and the insurances. He is also teacher and headmaster for degree final projects at the University of Vic, Central University of Catalonia. His main passions are numismatics, reading and modern art.

Joan Solans

Joan Solans Junior interoperability technician

Technical Engineer at management computing information systems. He is a techie with experience as a web programmer and skilled on robotics. He is specialising on last generation standards for information exchange. He is referee, triathlete and board games lover.

Erik Andrés

Erik Andrés Junior project manager

Trained in biomedical engineering, interested in biomedical research, the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. He has experience in healthcare production plants and the management of sporting events. Erik is passionate about basketball and sports in general and in facing the big challenges for the future in the field of healthcare and ICT.

Xavier Melo

Xavier Melo Computer technician

Has studied logistics engineering and the maritime business with experience as a technician in IT systems. He loves to play handball and team sports, with an interest in video games and gamification as a form of learning.

Francesc López Segui

Francesc López Segui Technician

Degree in Economics and a PhD from the Faculty of Experimental and Health Sciences at the Pompeu Fabra University. He has engaged in the economic analysis of public policies for the Finance Ministry and the Catalan Institute of Oncology. He is unassuming, determined and unorthodox.

Clara Salvadó

Clara Salvadó Project manager

Degree in Pharmacy and Business Sciences. She Experience in the management of pharmaceutical catalogues and electronic prescriptions for public administrations. A firm believer in learning in her free time.

Janna Slabbekoorn

Janna Slabbekoorn Project manager

Trained in nursing and public health with 14 years’ experience in primary, specialized and palliative care. Has broad, international experience in the health system as a policy advisor, consultant in health and digitization, and as a project manager in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Catalonia. Janna is blessed with endless patience.

Sara Hernández

Sara Hernández Gestora de projectes

She holds a Degree in Geography, a Master's Degree in Public and Sustainable Development Management, and formation in Healthcare Copyright and Data Property.
She is a proactive person and committed with the climate emergency. She likes looking for new challenges, reason why she joined the Health GRPD office.

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