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Boosting innovation


To enable the transformation of the health and social care model through ICT.


To become leaders in the health and social sector, driving innovation in the use of ICT as a tool for the transformation of healthcare models.


• Flexibility and collaboration
• Transparency
• Sustainability
• Commitment to the health and social sector
• Innovation
• Global and local
• Enthusiasm
• Autonomous management

The TIC Salut Social Foundation, as part of the Catalan Ministry of Health, works to promote the development and use of ICT and networking in the field of health, keeps abreast of new trends, innovation and emerging initiatives, and offers accreditation and product approval services.

The adoption of ICT in healthcare appears unstoppable and is bound to be one of the most transformative elements in healthcare in the future. The fact that Catalonia has a public system of universal healthcare, in conjunction with a wide variety of agents, supplier organizations and subsidiary industries, means its health sector is in a perfect position to act as an innovator and economic catalyst for new technologies.

People in the present, working for the future

Sílvia Cufí

Sílvia Cufí Director of Corporate Development

Carla Álvarez

Carla Álvarez Head of public programs

Susanna Aussó

Susanna Aussó Project director

Ester Moreno

Ester Moreno Human resources

Get to know the team working to promote innovation in ICT applied to healthcare and social care, putting it at the service of the sector. Various professional profiles, working together to manage the projects and services in which the Foundation participates.

We listen to the public and to the business world

The quadruple helix model of innovation is one in which society joins forces with organizations, universities and the government to lead innovation efforts that would not be achieved independently. In adopting this model, the Foundation has 3 Advisory Boards to represent the needs and knowledge of the business world, the public and the scientific world.
Business Advisory Board

Business Advisory Board

Constituït a finals de l’any 2007, és l’òrgan assessor i de participació de les empreses col·laboradores amb la Fundació TicSalut.

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Professionals and the Public Advisory Board

Professionals and the Public Advisory Board

Creat l’any 2010, és un òrgan assessor que té la finalitat de col·laborar en l’establiment de prioritats i accions.

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Scientific Advisory Board

Scientific Advisory Board

Creat l’any 2009 proporciona assessorament d’acord amb els criteris que s’estableixen en la regulació d’aquesta col·laboració.

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Transparency and accountability

TIC Salut SocialFoundation is made up of various public administrations involved in the fields of healthcare, social welfare and information and communication technologies, as well as groups of hospitals and health centres. Our management is transparent.

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